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Arrest Hyderabad varsity VC: Honnapura

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BENGALURU: Renowned Bangalore-based Dalit writer and ideologue Indudhara Honnapura on Wednesday demanded the immediate arrest of the Vice Chancellor of the University Of Hyderabad in the case pertaining to the suicide of a Dalit student, Rohith Vemula.

The 26-year-old PhD student was depressed after he was suspended and expelled from the hostel along with four other Dalit students. He committed suicide on Sunday evening.

“It is a cold blooded murder by the establishment. Why were only Dalit students suspended? If there was a clash between the students, everybody involved in it should be punished, not just a section,” said Honnapura. “The whole nation should come out and protest against this discrimination like they did in Nirbhaya case,” he added.

The former editor of the Panchama magazine helped create an intellectual base for the formation of the Dalit Sangharsha Samiti (DSS).

On reports of the alleged involvement of Union ministers Smriti Irani and Bandaru Dattatreya in the matter, Honnapura said: “They might not be directly involved in it, but they are the root cause of it. These people do not know the value of social justice at all. They should have handled it in a different way. Smriti Irani should have visited the campus and discussed the matter with all the students, and solved the problem. They are not fit to run the country.”

Honnapura attacked the right-wing Hindutva movement which, he felt, was accentuating caste divisions in the country. “They are destroying the whole fabric of the society. The concept of nationalism is b******t. There is no meaning in it. Unless the lower strata of the society come up, how can any society, any country can be called as a developed country? Narendra Modi is talking about so many things like Digital India and Make In India. But it has to come from the lower strata of the society. But these people are harassing the Dalits. They have talent. But they are not getting opportunity. And the politicians are busy eye washing the people.”

Honnapura called on students to get involved in socio- political activities. “Dalits should come out of this victimhood of being Dalits. Unfortunately, our education system too is against the Dalit community. I feel sorry for Rohith. He shouldn’t have committed suicide. He should have fought against it. People who made him commit suicide should be punished,” he added.
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