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Now, wine from Swiss chocolate!

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CAMPUS: Wine from Swiss chocolate? Of course, say the students of CBZ (chemistry, botany, zoology) who have found new ways to extract wine from different sources, especially Swiss chocolate.

Some of the other sources from which wine has been extracted include beetroot and apple. The wine-making exercise was part of student projects.

“We just give them a topic to work on, and it is encouraging to see our students come up with new ideas” said Madappa, head of the Department of Biotechnology.

The biotechnology students have been researching extraction of wine from different sources for a couple of years.

Melwin Victor, III CBZ, said “The freedom was given to us, that is why I wanted to try and experiment with Swiss chocolate.”

“It was my mom’s recipe that inspired me to try it out with beetroot and I am glad it came out well,” said Alishiya Murali III, CBZ.

Ashwin S
I MA Comm


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