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Pay more to see more in Lalbagh

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BENGALURU: The Lalbagh flower show that commenced on January 16, in connection with Republic Day celebrations, is facing flak as the entry fee has been hiked this time.

The entry ticket for adults costs Rs.60 on Sundays and Rs.50 on week days, an increase of Rs.10 in comparison with the ticket prices for the last flower show organised in August 2015 as part of the Independence Day celebrations. However, the entry fee for children remains Rs.10 as before.

Apart from the flower show days, the entry fee to Lalbagh was increased from Rs.10 to Rs.20 by the end of 2015, a move that has resulted in public unhappiness, Lalbagh being one of the City’s favourite green spots.

“It is very unfortunate that the ticket prices have increased by this margin and it affects daily visitors like us most,” said Poornima Shetty, a resident of Shantinagar who depends on Lalbagh for her daily evening walks.

The authorities claim that the price increase is due to an increase in the tender amounts. “We haven’t increased the ticket price for 9 years and we don’t charge for the parking space as well,” said M.R. Chandrashekar, The Deputy Director of Horticulture, who is also in charge of the flower show.

The highlights of this flower show are the formations made with live flowers and natural flower beds compared to the cut flowers and plants that were used earlier.

There are 2.5 lakh potted plants and a variety of 500 plants in total contributing to this flower show which is the 203rd edition of the biannual flower show conducted in the gardens.


Chaitra Krishnan
I MA Comm


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