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Helmets sell like hot cakes for pillion riders

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BENGALURU:  The new rule that pillion riders of two-wheelers should wear helmets which came into force on January 20 has brought a bonanza with it for helmet vendors across the City.

Meanwhile, the Transport Department in collaboration with the Traffic Police have begun an intensive drive in different parts of the City to book two-wheeler pillion riders without helmets. More than 450 cases have been booked since Wednesday by the Transport Department alone.

Ramesh Nair,  a helmet shop owner, said, “Ever since the rule has been enforced, business has been booming for us. From selling a few hundred helmets a week, the number has doubled.” He added that the parents are now concerned about the safety of their children and are buying kids special helmets.

Mr Shivraj, traffic inspector, said, “Be it children, adults or aged people, whoever is sitting behind a two wheeler must wear a helmet. The first time offender will be imposed a penalty of rupees 100 and for the third time offence, the traffic police may confiscate the driving license of the rider.” He also stated that it’s not only about obeying the rule, it also about saving your own life, which is more important.

“It is a good decision by the government because of the increasing number of deaths of pillion riders. Frankly speaking, me being a lady, I don’t like wearing a helmet but then it’s for our safety. Every soul is important and people should follow the rule,” said Neelam, a house wife.

tina pic

Traffic cop appreciating the pillion rider wearing helmet.



Rana, a wealth planning officer of Tata, said, “This is a good step, people should follow the rule for their own good and they should also go around spreading the awareness among the people to avoid incidents.”

The High Court of Karnataka had made the wearing of helmets by pillion riders compulsory in 2006, but only now has the rule been enforced diligently. The government issued the final notification on December 31 last year. The rule was implemented immediately but the public was given a grace period till January 12 to get into the groove.

Since January 20, wearing of helmets has become mandatory. People have to follow the rule or face the consequences. This rule is also mandatory in Delhi since August 2014, Kerala from September 2015 and in Tamil Nadu since June 2015.


Tina Bibeiro
I MA Comm


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