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Spiel 28 kicks off at SJCC

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BENGALURU: Covering the distance of 3.5 Kms, the Spiel run marked the start of Spiel 28, an annual sports meet at St Joseph’s College of Commerce (SJCC) on Saturday.

The participation was not only restricted to the students of SJCC, but also to the other colleges in the city. Spiel run also gave an opportunity for the teachers and staffs to take part in it.

Running for a social cause, this years’ run was dedicated to raise the fund for Bharath Special Children’s Academy that works for special children welfare.

The top two runners were awarded with a cash prize of rupees thousand each with a trophy and the top twenty runners were consolidated with the certificates.

Various sport events like Football, Basketball, Table tennis, Lawn tennis, Throw ball, Badminton and Hockey will be held from February 7-13, 2016 at different venues across the city. Spiel run was followed by a basketball match between the present basketball team and alumni basketball team. The alumni team beat the present basketball team with the score difference of 67-60.

“There are 37 colleges who have registered so far. It is a good sign to see that there are Tennis and Badminton which have been added to this year’s Spiel 28,” said Linn Friola, President, SJCC.

The annual sports meet has entries from colleges which include New Horizon College, National College, Baldwin’s’ Women’s Methodist College and others.


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