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Towards a “non-prove and perform” learning initiative

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BENGALURU:  An awareness event for kids of 5th to 8th standard showed that the constant pressure from parents to prove and perform degraded the entire learning process. The Spell Bee initiative on Feb 6 gave kids, a stress-free learning experience.

This was a first-time initiative in at Hangout Library and Activity centre in Bellandur, by Aanchal Agrawal, a child psychotherapist and an educator at ConfidentLiving, a platform that caters to various learning, developmental and emotional needs of children. Aanchal elucidated the present reality with the ever-growing expectations leading to high stress factors. “When the kids learn with ConfidentLiving, they do a lot of sheet exercises without any stress and they do well. I wanted them to do similar sheets, with twisted instructions under stress. The name Spell Bee adds that pressure of a serious spelling quiz, and I could saw a lot of push from parents and a lot of resistance in the kids. I wanted to show them how stress is affecting their learning, “she said.

The basic idea of Spell Bee was to connect children with education, increase their interest in learning, enhance their performance and boost their confidence. “I have been teaching children for over 15 years. I see level of stress increasing in them. They are intelligent, curious and wise, but the constant stress that they undergo, hampers the entire knowledge gaining process,” said Aanchal.

Speaking on the misconception of how English is treated as just a school subject, Aanchal explains that it is all the more a powerful language that has an important present and strong use in future. The quiz contest was not meant to test children on how much they know, but instead, what they really should know.

“The aim of my event to be understood by parents and teachers alike was that, stress stops and drops a performance,” she said.

shirshaPhoto: Beacon Bureau

Aanchal is now doing life-skill sessions with both parents and kids together to show them that half of the mistakes in their spelling sheets existed because of tension that was within. She believes that learning stress-reducing techniques is the actual need of the hour. “I am coaching parents to lessen the burden on them that would indeed reflect on their kids,” she exclaimed.

The event is to create awareness that ‘poor English’ is a myth. The entry to the competition was kept free so that no one has to think twice before joining.

ConfidentLiving plans to conduct the Spell Bee workshop again with a different set of age-group.

-Shirsha M


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