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Nirvaan: City colleges battle it out for fame.

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CAMPUS: Tough contests were witnessed between students from leading institutions like Christ University, Mount Carmel, Jain CMS, and SJCC in the City in the competitive events at Nirvaan 2016, the blockbuster, two-day intercollegiate festival of SJC that began here on Friday.

In the past couple of years, students of SJCC had swept the events at this festival. But even as results began coming in from various events across campus, the trend seemed to show SJCC facing stiff challenges from rival colleges.


Scenes from Nirvana 2016. PHOTO:REEVAN

Dayanand Sagar, for instance, won both the first and third places in the debating event where the theme was “Do 90s cartoons legitimise violence?” Christ University won the street play event with Jain College coming in second.

SJCC, however, still showed their prowess in segments like 9XM Jalwa, an Indian musical event, where its students swept all the categories.

Given that the central theme for the fest was “Cartoonia”, dance crews from several colleges arrived in droves determined to win the title of the best western dance team. Mount Carmel College’s all-girls team were placed first. Crews that entered the contests paid tribute to the spirit of the theme by naming themselves after their favourite cartoon shows – Dragon Ball Z, Dexter, etc. Many of the contestants came dressed up in cartoon costumes.

Nirvaan witnessed some new characters in the stand-up comedy event. The judges were famous comedians Sumukhi Suresh, who shot to fame for her act in the Anu aunty video on youtube, and Deeptago Ghosh.

There were some comedians who even ripped off sets from revered comedians. Sumukhi, speaking to the Beacon Bureau, said, “Comedy aspirants need to break out with more originality; most jokes made today were either from the internet or other comedians. One thing I’d like to see is more girls picking up the mic for stand-up comedy. The reason you don’t see that is because the world perceives that girls due to their sensitivity cannot handle such jokes.”

The event took a regional turn with comedians mimicking famous Tamil actors like Rajnikanth, Vijaykanth, Prakash Raj and Simbu. Participants from other colleges made fun of their own institutes to humour the Josephite crowd.

-Vijay Rao




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