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Replacing lost documents is just a click away

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BENGALURU: It’s time to stop worrying about your lost documents. The Bengaluru City Police (BCP) has joined hands with the website to help the public find important documents they have lost.

There have been increased complaints from the public that their driving licenses, school certificates, ration cards, pan cards, passports and other vital documents are getting misplaced. The BCP is seeking to help those who are in this predicament.

To address this issue, BCP has launched the E-enabled service,, to help the public obtain an acknowledgment about misplaced or missing documents sitting at home. This acknowledgement may be used for getting a replacement of the document.

“There are various important documents that people lose in the city. Documents like marks card, passport, and pan card are very important to confirm your identity. Keeping this in mind we took an initiative to stretch our service to the public. This service helps people who are busy in their daily life to get an acknowledgement for their lost item online irrespective of their location,” said M G Nagendra Kumar, head of the social media wing of the Karnataka State Police Service.

To apply for your lost documents, you need to visit and click on report lost item, update all the required fields and click on submit. You can print out your acknowledgement that comes with a unique code number.

The acknowledgement will be issued without any investigation. However, it is a punishable offence if anyone tries to lodge a false complaint.

This free service is also provided for foreigners in the City.

-Pawan S


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