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Li-Fi to take over Wi-Fi in upcoming days

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CAMPUS: Students who are looking for faster and better internet connections can rejoice because, if the technologists are right, they will soon have access to Li-Fi (Light Fidelity), a new technology which is seen as overtaking Wi-Fi in future.

This development was highlighted by Rev Fr. Joy Alex, Vice Principal of St Joseph’s Evening College. He was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of Technophite, the inter-collegiate computer fest organised by the Department of Computer Science.

Technophite invited around 40 Colleges in the City and the event was sponsored by The Impact Financial Company, The Body Shop, and others.



Technophile saw various competitive events such as Paper Presentation, Photoshop, Dumb Charades, Web Designing, Virtual Treasure Hunt, Photography, Coding and Debugging, IT Manager, Gaming, Mobile Gaming, and Quiz.

The paper presenters had the topic “Future Innovation of Technology”. They had eight minutes each to present their papers. Using Adobe Photoshop software, the participants had to creatively work on the photos to give them a different look.

Dumb Charades which was conducted in three rounds at Aloysius Hall and participants had to guess the terms used in the world of technology.

“It is very good initiative taken by us and we are proud to say that students worked hard independently by not relying wholly on lecturers,” said Sundar Raj, Student Co-ordinator of Technophite.

Students of Mount Carmel College were seen to be emerging as the winners as they swept the above three events and seemed poised to win in more such events.

Other dignitaries on the dais included Dr Beatrice Sequeira, Vice Principal (PG), SJC, Prasad C N, UG Co-ordinator, and Sandhya N, Department of Computer Science.

-Pawan S









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