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Villagers to fight dumping of garbage

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BENGALURU: The villages of Kannalli and Seegehalli, south taluk, that receive garbage from nearly 100 wards of the city, will stage an overnight protest and block any vehicle bringing in garbage from the City on Thursday night.

The nightlong vigil and protest will be led by members of the Parisara Samrakshana Samithi, a village watchdog forum, who want to end the dumping of City garbage in and around their villages.

The activists have strong complaints about the foul smell and untreated waste in the area which is causing health problems to the villagers in and around the garbage processing unit installed there eight months ago.

The 30 acres of land, a part of the two villages, is used as a bio-degrading unit to produce bio gas. However, due to poor management and excess garbage dumping, the severity of the problem has increased. The members of the Parisara Samrakshana Samithi said that most of the people are not even aware that this land is being used as a dumping yard.

Around 100 garbage trucks drive here everyday carrying waste from across the city. The waste thus dumped is left to rot for more than a week and this causes the unbearable foul smell affecting the villages in the area.

The affected areas are Kodigehalli, Soolikere, Chennahalli, Kadabagere, Maachohalli, Kachohalli, Tavarkere.

Despite several appeals to the BBMP, there has not been a substantial improvement in the bio waste management. “These officials go on multiple visits to foreign countries to understand bio waste management and claim to have learnt their technology, but so far it’s only on paper,” said Narasimha Murthy a member of the committee.

The villagers are also facing issues with sending children to schools as they often fall ill and the rancid stench from the garbage processing plant prevents them from sitting in class rooms, added Channappa, President of the committee.





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