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Helplines for women, kids launched

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BENGALURU: Parihar, a centre for training and research and development of women and children in the City, on Tuesday launched a website and a helpline called VanithaSahaya Vani for women and MakkalSahaya Vani for children to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Saasbhikabhibahuthi– if this fact is realized by every woman, 90 percent of the harassment cases will be solved and there will be a huge change in the society,| said City Police Commissioner N S Megharikh while launching the website. Sudha Rani, an actor, also helped launch the website.

“After the Nirbhaya case, women are coming forward to file cases and get justice, laws are becoming much more strict compares to earlier and some laws have been reformed,” he added.

The VanithaSahaya Vani helpline is 1091. It takes care of dire situations faced by women like pre-marital problems, domestic violence, dowry harassment, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sex trafficking and destitute women.


Dignitaries on the stage for the website launch. PHOTO – VEDA

The MakkalaSahaya Vani helpline is 10924 and it takes care of situations faced by children like destitute children, child labour, child marriage ,children involved in custodial conflicts and children suffering from behavior issues.

Immediate help will be given in the form of rescue, police support, legal service, temporary shelter, counseling and medical assistance respectively.

Speaking to The Beacon, Rani Shetty, Co-ordinator of VanithaSahaya Vani, said,“Parihar group is celebrating women’s day for the past 23 years, and partnered with the Bengaluru city police for 17 years.  With the help of the Bengaluru city police, it is now working 24/7. This is a really good opportunity to bring NGOs and police officers together.”

Sudha Rani said “These police women and other women who have struggled a lot to get better livelihood and succeeded are real heroines. Hats off to them.”

Veda Gowda



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