Trade unions protest anti-labour laws

BENGALURU: Trade unions in the City, cutting across the political spectrum, on Thursday demanded changes in the anti-labour policies being pursued by the central and state governments as part of a nation-wide protest.

Representatives of all the central trade unions including INTUC, AITUC, HMS, CITU, AICCTU, KPBF, BEFI, employees of BSNL, State Government, and various bank and insurance company employee associations took part in the protest held at Town Hall.

Trade unions staging a joint protest at Town Hall. PHOTO – RALPH 

Similar protests upholding the same agenda took place at various district centres throughout India, took place on Thursday. The protestors demanded a 12-point charter including the withdrawal of taxation on PF, and the FDI hike proposal in insurance and other sectors.

They also demanded strong implementation of all current labour laws, and raised voice to ensure a universal public distribution system controlling price raise.

“The central government is trying to pursue its neo-liberal agenda, modifying all labour laws in favour of managements and multi-national companies and corporate owners. These amendments would take away all the labour rights which were acquired after long years of judicial fights and struggles,” said K N Umesh, State Secretary, CITU, who also co-ordinates the joint committee for the labour protests in Karnataka.

A national convention of trade unions is scheduled to take place on March 30 at New Delhi, to decide the future course of action.



Ralph Alex Arakal

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