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Parks to be revived

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BENGALURU: A plan is afoot to revive and green the decaying Hare Krishna park in Rajajinagar which is the only lung space for over 750 houses in the area.

N.L NarendraBabu, Ex-MLA, Mahalakshmi Layout constituency has taken the initiative to revive more than 1.25 acres of land allotted for parks that is facing destruction.

Babu said, “Instead of constructing new parks, we must revive the existing ones. The parks symbolise the beauty of our city and we must make it a point to preserve it.”

The BBMP and BDA have announced that they will revive over 60 parks in the future.

Parks on Service Road and West of Chord Road are being destroyed to build new bus stops and other infrastructure facilities resulting in increasing sound and noise pollution.

The parks are heavily used by senior citizens and children and are also home to a variety of medicinal plants such as the Sacred Basil, Barbados Nut, FieldmintCornmint, etc.

Some of the parks have begun rain water harvesting for watering the plants and fountains.

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