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New movement to fight for the oppressed

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BENGALURU: A multi-pronged militant movement to fight for the rights of suppressed and oppressed communities like the Matang and Madiga is in the formation.

Mr Madhukarrao Kamble, President of the Dalit Samata Parishad, on Monday  presided over a national level meeting of The Reservation and Classification Committee  which has decided to forge this fighting front of underprivileged groups.

At the meeting it was decided that Mr Kamble will lead this new movement against the suppression of such neglected communities from Mahrashtra along with the State Coordinators from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.

“The Matang and Madiga from Scheduled Castes (SCs) should be benefitted and this can be done only by challenging the present reservation system.  The government must also constitute a study commission to look into the problems faced by these two communities,” said P. Krupakar Madiga, National Convener of Madiga Mahashakti, Telegana.

The meeting also discussed the reports of the Sadashiva,  Dheber and Justice Usha Mehara commissions and various others that have recommendations on the work for the betterment of SCs. Monday’s meeting also put forth some fresh recommendations for these commissions

K. P Narayanaswamy , President of the Madiga Mahashakti, said, “We are appealing to the government to look into the issue seriously and implement the various recommendations as this would lead to the main stream development of the SCs and maintenance of social justice.”



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