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Aishani Shetty: student by day, celebrity by night

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CAMPUS: Aishani Shetty’s rise to stardom is nothing less than a story from a movie.With an innate desire to act and be a part of the movie industry, Aishani was egged on into the field by her father.

“My father was my biggest strength and supported me in all my acting endeavors.  He had a few contacts in the Kannada industry and he helped me land my first movie, Jyothiraja alias Kothiraja,” said Aishani, speaking to The Beacon.

Her acting career took off after Jyothiraja alias Kothiraj. Renowned Kannada film maker, producer and music director Yograj Bhat cast her in his multi-star movie, Vasthu Prakar. “As a new comer to the industry I never felt like I was out of place, senior actors like Ananthnag, Sudha Rani, and Jaggesh took care of me as if I was their own daughter. Ananthnag taught me so much about acting and he’s a terrific actor.”

When asked if as a celebrity she was a fan of big brands, she said that she was not a fan of big brands, nor does she like shopping or have the time to shop. “I only buy things when I need them and not otherwise,” said Aishani.

With studies on her mind, Aishani manages to balance her academics and her movie career. However, she prioritizes her studies over movies. She believes that she is better off doing one good movie rather than a hundred bad ones.

“For me my studies are more important than my movies, I’ve always done them side by side. Even during my under-graduation, I’ve not neglected college, and I was always determined to do my masters,” said Aishani.

As a celebrity Aishani has a large fan base and, sometimes, thing get a little awry during movie promotions. She tells us that it becomes a little intimidating and scary when her fan boys mob her for pictures and selfies. There are funny instances when her fans recognize her on the streets and are not sure if it’s her. “Generally people think celebrities are always decked and dressed up, but that’s not the case. We too are regular people and wear regular clothes.”



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