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Fresh BBMP initiative on contagious diseases

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BENGALURU: The BBMP is taking urgent steps, especially to spread awareness about the monsoon-season contagious diseases, among the inhabitants of the City.

To spread awareness, the BBMP organised a rally on Tuesday  at Kempegowda  Bus Stop. Inaugurating  the rally,  BBMP Deputy Mayor  Hemalatha Gopalaiah said “We are taking all the possible measures  to avoid these dangerous diseases in the  City. In the meantime, the public  should take care of their surroundings and should not leave stagnant water around.

“Dengue and chikungunya  diseases are spreading fast in the cities. To control and avoid these dangerous diseases, Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Paalike  should organise a rally at least once in a week to educate and create awareness  in public domain,” Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy had said on Sunday.

Reddy said: “There is a need to educate the public about these diseases  to avoid deaths and it’s also our duty to see that all the drainage systems are working properly. “

BBMP spent Rs 14 crores on mosquito repellent  spray over the last two years  and  spends Rs 2.3 crores only for its awareness programmes and advertising in auto rickshaws.

BBMP has begun fogging in many areas in the City.  Health Minister U.T Khadar said “Fogging  is mandatory all over the city and if it’s not done properly by the officials  they should face consequences. “

However, public voices are questioning BBMP about the purchases of fogging machines on which they have spent Rs 81 lakhs. Many of them are not in working condition. Despite this, the BBMP wants to buy more machines.

Speaking to The Beacon, Dr Nisarga of Kims Hospital said: “ The dengue patients are admitted in hospital on a larger scale every day. Daily 6 to 10 persons are admitted, and 60 per cent of the patients are suffering from fever.” She added that 93 dengue and 18 Chikangunya patients have been admitted to hospitals in BBMP areas.



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