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IGNITORS seek to touch, heal and transform

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CAMPUS: Touch, heal and transform. That’s the watchword. And the Ignitors are back with their mission to instil faith and values in Josephites right at the start of a new year.

The Ignitors programme happens over three days for students of the II and III UG. This year, the programme is from June 20-23 between 11.15 am and 4.45 pm.

The Catholic Josephites have faith-formation sessions as part of a retreat programme on June 21, while the non-Catholic/non-Christian students have Integral-formation programmes. The latter involves social analysis and lifeskills education and the former is ‘spiritual’ in nature.

Speaking of why there are two different programmes, Dr. Issac C.B., one of the programme co-ordinators of Ignitors, said, “The Catholic students are taught about lifeskills and social analysis in terms of spirituality, whereas the non-Catholic/non-Christian students imbibe these lessons through values.”

Under social analysis, the students embark on a Clean Drive, Traffic Awareness and Signature campaigns and take a shot at Citizen Journalism. These campaigns are designed to create an awareness of the necessity to keep the environment clean, follow traffic rules and tackle issues such as privatisation of water and the like.

Through the Citizen Journalism sessions, students interact with the beggars, street vendors, housewives, etc., all of which are aimed at sensitising them on how the society functions.

Radhika Mukherji, II EJP, feels that the Ignitors’ programme “is a good concept, but can be executed better with visual-aids and more interaction with experts from the field.”



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