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Kabali hopes to score with stepped up hype

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BENGALURU: The hype for Rajnikanth’s new film Kabali is scaling fantastical heights.

With the movie being delayed by two more weeksand now set for release on July 15, the producers are pulling out all the stops in promotion for the Thalaiva starrer. The teaser of the film alone managed to get around 200 million views in a week on the Internet.

Because of the clamour that Kabali has been causing, the producers created the ‘Kabali’ app for smartphones. This brilliant strategy got the app over 10 million downloads on the Google Play store.

To up the ante, Air Asia has tied up with Kabali to give one unique special Kabali experience. Special travellers who book the ‘Kabali’ flight will get to travel to Chennai and experience the joy of watching the movie first day first show!

The passengers will also be catered to a special ‘Kabali’ menu (Kabali is the character Rajnikanth portrays in the film) featuring dishes preferred by Kabali himself.

Fans in Bengaluru rejoice as Rajnikanth is part of the huge local cinema culture. Fans arrive in droves before the premiere of every Rajnikanth movie and have ceremonies and pujas such as Pal Abhishekham to huge banners of the superstar. This is all done to ensure success of the movie in the Box Office.

Old world theatres in the City like Lavanya and Mukunda will see fans flock to the theatres before release day in order to be the first to get a ticket, 20-30 foot banners will be custom made and placed in front of the theatres. It won’t even be a surprise to see fans even bring garlands for the superstar.

Rajnikanth is known as Thalaiva by many of his fans, and the world cannot wait for Kabali to release.



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