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Overwatch takes gaming world by storm

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BENGALURU: Blizzard’s newest IP ‘Overwatch’ has taken the gaming world by storm. On the PC, it has already gained 10 million subscribers. There have been over a million buys for the Xbox one and Ps4, respectively.

‘Overwatch’ is the latest first person multiplayer (FPS) game and, with it, Blizzard as an entertainment company seems to be on the rise. The cinematic edition of one of their longest running franchises, ‘Warcraft’ has now become the most successful video game to movie adaptation of all time, surpassing Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider.

overwatch title


‘Overwatch’ is actually a by-product of Blizzard’s failed MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) called Titan. The game gives you the choice to play as any of 22 different characters with varying play styles over a course of 12 maps.

Players will see themselves in a team with 6 on 6 combat. While some characters tend to have a heavy learning curve, there are some you can pick and handle right off the bat. The maps and gameplay are a similar trope to what you’ve seen before, albeit with Blizzard’s unique twist.

Players will have to deal with escort missions and king-of-the-hill matchtypes. While escort missions usually drain a player in any other game, Overwatch gives team play priority. In other games, usually,  players run off to get the highest kill ratio in order to be MVP (most valuable player).

Overwatch though, forces the players to work as a team. If you don’t complete the team objective, you will lose the match. The ranking system is also optimized in Overwatch for support characters. One can become the best player in the game by being the best healer in the game!

Now, many people complain that Blizzard could have added a single player campaign, but then that would lead to excessive download sizes which doesn’t make sense. Sure, a single player campaign would give more depth to the characters to play but that is not how Blizzard rolls.

Blizzard hides the lore of the characters within the game, expecting the player to search every nook and cranny for information in the form of audio logs or secrets hidden in the maps. Also, Blizzard intends to give fan service by continuously publishing online comics and short films on each of the characters.

The game is really cool. It’s chockfull of pop culture references; the characters quote from movies and other games as well! You may not find a physical copy of the game in India (for PC) so gamers here will have to purchase the digital edition online for Rs 2700.



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