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Salman Khan’s comment face flak down south too

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BENGALURU: The statement recently by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan on how he felt like a ‘raped woman’ after filming intense wrestling scenes for his upcoming movie Sultan invited criticism from film makers down south and in the City.

“Salman is a genuine actor. I’ve been a fan of his movies and always admired the person he is. But no one can even imagine the pain and trauma a rape victim undergoes, let alone compare it to any level of a tough film sequence,” said Nalan Kumarasamy, Director at the South Indian Film Industry.

“He has gone out of the line by disrespecting and disregarding the condition of a rape victim by making such an insensitive comment. He must apologise as it is quite shameful for an actor of such stance to speak so irresponsibly.” said George Kutty, activist at Vimochana, a forum for womens rights.

There has been a backlash against him and the National Commission for Women online has been pushing for Khan to apologise for his remark. The actor did go on to say that he shouldn’t have made the statement but the journalists present at the press interaction for his movie Sultan’s promotion knew that this would stir another controversy for the star.

The audio of the interaction has been doing the rounds and those who are backing Salman and those criticising him are daggers drawn. Rama Lakshmi, Social Media Editor of The Washington Post tweeted,” If you hear the audio of Salman Khan making the rape comment, you can also hear many people giggling. Who were those people? Journalists?”

“For a country that has been witnessing crimes against women for years, Salman Khan being a very influential actor should  have known better and in the future, refrain from saying things which would hurt the sentiments of victims,” said Sahana Karki, film blogger.

Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan did post an apology on behalf of Salman Khan. But the issue remains at boiling point in the media with strident voices seeking a direct apology from the actor himself.

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