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SJC students prepare to visit NASA

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CAMPUS: A group of students of St Joseph’s College will be travelling to Kennedy Space Center (NASA) this summer.

The students are part of a camp being organised by SJC and GLOBE Express Travels Private Limited.

“The package includes the air ticket, sightseeing fare,visa, food and accommodation and entrance fees to NASA. The package costs Rs 2.25 lakhs. The students need not spend any thing apart from this sum of money .The agency is taking care of the all other expenses,” said Sandeep Sebastine, Globe Express Travel Pvt Ltd.

The registration for this trip is based on first-come- first- served basis and the seats are limited to thirty. “The students will be getting an opportunity to get a first-hand experience about the space centre which will be exclusive arranged for the students,” said Dr Jayram Reddy, Department of Botany, the coordinator of the trip on behalf of SJC.

It’s a tenday trip around the United States of America and NASA.The students will be given a certificate for participating in the workshop conducted by NASA about space stations and space travel.

“The students will get student visas that will be valid for two years and which they can use if they prefer to do higher studies and the scheduling of the trip is being done according to the convenience of the students .We hoping to schedule during the mid-term holidays which is September and November most probably ,” said Dr Jayram Reddy.



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