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Think tanks in the City – you think you know them!

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BENGALURU: Bengaluru, India’s IT capital, is slowly becoming a hub for think tanks which one usually associates with policy making research at the heart of developed nations like the USA.

Among the think tanks that one can locate in the City are Centre for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP), The Takshashila institution, Centre for Public Policy and Synergia Foundation.

Think tanks are stand-alone research organizations, who work on a non-profit basis in diverse areas. They employ some of the world’s best minds in the world to do their thinking and their reports give an edge to those who have access to them which may be governments, corporates or powerful individuals. Their areas of study encompass anything from politics, defense, populations, human rights, etc.

Their mode of operation is discrete and low profile. What happens in Chatham House, stays in Chatham House. That’s where the Chatham House Rule originated, within a globally recognized think tank by the same name.

In Namma Bengaluru, Synergia Foundation is an interdisciplinary think tank that works on geo-political and geo-economic issues. They have been working with the Government of Karnataka for the past 25 years on various measures and policies.

Last year, the foundation organised the Cyber 360o conference in September 2015. The conference hosted top practitioners of cyber security from all over the world. Some of the delegates who attended the event were the likes of Michael Chertoff former secretary of Homeland Security USA, and G.K. Pillai, former Home Secretary of India.

CSTEP, founded by Dr V Arunachalam who served ten defence ministers in India, now engages in policy research and primarily focuses in the areas of energy, infrastructure security studies and climate studies. It has been official recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Takshashila Institution is a Chennai-based independent think tank that has its branch in Bangalore. They are multidisciplinary think tank who work on a nonprofit basis in the areas of economic and cultural relations and it seeks to transform India by equipping people with public policy skills. This outfit also provides graduate and post graduate educational programmes.



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