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Naga Thali, grilled sandwiches seduce students

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CAMPUS: The newly opened canteen in the PG block seems to have got SJC students asking for seconds with their offerings of the spicy Naga Thali and grilled chicken sandwiches.

With the beginning of the new academic year, the PG canteen menu has received a major makeover. North East Indian cuisine such as the Naga Thali has been introduced and is fast becoming a favourite with students.

Naga Thali BW.jpg


Speaking to The Beacon, Mr Apu, manager of the canteen said, “I have been running a canteen like this in Christ College for the past seven years and also a café called ‘Seeker’s Café’ in St Antony’s Friary, Koramangala. From my experience I know very well what kind of food students want.”

The canteen has upped the culinary ante by serving the pork-based Thali and authentic Ham Burgers Amy Steven, a visitor, said, “I’ve never come across a college canteen that serves pork. It’s great that this canteen is doing so.” She also gave a thumbs up for the Naga Thali.

“The rolls are exquisite, they’re nice and soft unlike the rolls I used to get last semester,” said Professor Ampat Varghese, Department of Mass Communication. Andrea Anthony,  final year mass communication student slurping on her glass of strawberry milkshake said, “This is yummy to the last drop.”

However, some students felt that a few of the dishes were a tad overpriced and the taste of some of the food items could be improved. Mr Apu told The Beacon that they are providing café quality food that has been customized to cater to the student crowd. Hence the prices will be slightly higher than the regular canteen pricing. “We are maintaining the same quality of food what we serve at our café in Koramangala,” he added.

The cheapest item on the menu is the cold coffee and strawberry milkshake, priced at Rs 30 each. The Naga Thali is priced at Rs 100. Mr Apu also plans to introduce combo meals for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Expressing his concern with the cleanliness in the canteen area Mr Apu said, “Students need to dispose their empty cups and plates in the trash cans. Despite telling them and  writing reminders on the menu board, students seem to have turned a blind eye.”



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