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SJC launches Mid-Day Meal Scheme from Monday

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CAMPUS: Financially challenged students of St Joseph’s College will be eligible for the Mid-Day Meal Scheme from Monday onwards for academic year 2016-17.

The scheme is open for both UG and PG students and can be applied for by filling up an application form from the office of Fr. Clarence D’Souza, Vice-Principal (Admin) of SJC.

Talking to The Beacon, Dr Sandra Misquith, this academic year’s Campus Minister, said, “Earlier we had a cut-off date for applying, but this year we have decided not to keep any deadlines since students don’t read the notice-board and miss out on applying.”

She clarified that this information was circulated during the Students and Parents’ orientation programmes.

Last year 175 students availed of the scheme and this year by far the college has received 50 applications within a week.

“We don’t discriminate amongst caste, religion and such in this case; we look into the family’s gross income and then look into their situation,” said Dr Melvin Colaco, Campus Minister 2015-16. “St. Joseph’s isn’t like the many other institutions out there who only look into the income level of the student’s family; we also look into other perspectives like family condition and their monthly expenditures.”

Each day, the meal given to the students is worth Rs 35 to 40 and it consists of a vegetarian thali. The students may also substitute the dish with something else like a chicken roll or any other dish within the Rs 40 limit.

Sneha Mukherjee


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