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Campaign rolls for SJC student council polls

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CAMPUS: The campaign for the election of the Student Council at SJC took off on Monday amidst noise, cheering and the colorful banners put up across the advertising the contesting candidates.

The candidates have always been innovative with their campaigns. The highlight this year was a mirror hung on a tree in front of the UG canteen by Nikitha Mutha who is contesting for the post of general secretary.

“The pressure adds up when you see your friends enthusiastically cheering for you, that’s when you realise the amount of support and likes you have, that makes me want to win for all the support provided by them,” said Chaithra M, who’s a candidate for the post of joint secretary at the post graduate level.

“This year the campaigning has begun early, it has been both positive and negative, we were doing our internships so we weren’t aware of it. The positive aspect is that whoever get elected they get enough time to prepare and set up everything for different college programmes like Pratiba, so it’s a mixed feeling. But certainly If we had more time campaigning it would have been great” said Shabarish, candidate for general secretary at the under graduate level.

The campaigning adds colour to the campus and makes lunch breaks fun with the supporters of candidates jumping about, dancing, yelling slogans and cheering their heroes and heorines even in pouring rain.

“The noise of the drums and people pumps up our energy level to a new high. The sessions post lunch seem lighter to attend for all the fun we have had during the break,” said Aishwarya K, 1st year student of BVC.

Campaigning ends on Tuesday and the elections are on Wednesday, June 30.


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