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KPCC women’s wing protest against price rise

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BENGALURU: The Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) women’s wing protested in an eye-catching manner in front of Town Hall on Wednesday, preparing garlands of vegetables including carrots, chilies, and onions.

In the wake of increase in the price of essential commodities, the women’s wing also beat utensils to garner attention to their cause. Lakshmi Hebbalkar, President, KPCC women’s wing, along with Congress MLA N A Harris participated in the protest. Ms Hebbalkar said, “The prices of vegetables and pulses have hit sky rocketing amounts. This is making the poor man’s life miserable. The present government would criticise the UPA government about the inflation. All Modi does is Mann Ki Baat whereas there is no sach baat in what he speaks.”

She added, “Modi had promised that within the 100 days of his administration, he would regulate the price rise. Even after 700 days of his government’s existence, nothing has happened.”

Hebbalkar critiqued Modi’s statement saying people should comprehend the price rise “practically”. However, when the world was facing economic problems in 2011, the UPA government was in regime the BJP party undertook protests, but today the same party has done nothing to control the price rise, she added.


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