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Now, a blind chess champion!

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BENGALURU: Chess demands no prominent physical qualities but only great concentration and ability to work with permutations and combinations. These strengths are what powered Sri Hari.H adapted to become the first champion of the chess competition for the blind held on Sunday.

The All India Blind Chess Association (AIBCA) organized a chess competition for the first time in the City in which around 100 students from different schools had participated.

“Being blind is always seen as a physical deformity but it is actually not, because all the imagination is actually in the head and that helps you do all the work. It’s the same case with playing chess, we have to plan the next move and play accordingly, seeing the coins don’t really matter,” said Sri Hari.H, winner of the competition.

The association is willing to collaborate with other similar associations which will help them harness  the qualities and accomplishments of special children, and also provide them with recognition and respect.

“These children are truly special and their talent needs to be exposed for which we need platforms and associations who can help them get resources and carry out all the needful activities for them,” said Charu Datta V. Jadhav, president of the association and a state-level chess player himself.


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