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Plonk, an app for all your parking woes

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BENGALURU:  Bengaluru city has come to a standstill with traffic congestion and parking issue has become a lifestyle problem today.Young entrepreneurs in the City have come up with a real-time parking app called Plonk that helps users discover parking spaces.

This app also allows real estate owners, individuals and organizations to rent out available spaces to create more parking spots in the city. These spaces will be listed in the app and can be used by other parking seekers on reasonable but differential prices.

The entrepreneurs believe that only community driven initiative will end the parking woes in the city. “A long term answer to managing parking will need the involvement of the urban community as a whole. We are also inviting the government bodies to get involved with us for a potential solution,” said Arjun Jairaj, the CEO of Plonk.

Plonk is based on a model of inexpensive residential parking catching up in the western countries.

The App allows user pick up a spot of preference based on choice of parking fee. GPS integrated feature will direct the user to the destination. Once they are around the parking spot, they can click on the Quick Response (QR) code and the parking meter begins.  While exiting,they will be asked to choose the convenient payment method.

Apps like PParkeE, Constapark and ParkIt are some of the other apps that can help users find a parking space around the City.


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