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Rajajinagar celebrates Cycle Day

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BENGALURU: The streets of Rajajinagar were echoing with the ‘tringtring’ of cycles on Sunday morning, at the second edition of Cycle Day organised by the community.  Around 700 residents came together to mark the event, and collaborated with the Bangalore City Traffic Police (BCTP) and a workshop and awareness programme to maintain traffic discipline and to follow rules was organised.

“This year the event witnessed workshops on traffic rules as well as on waste segregation,” said Radhika Krishnamurthy, a resident of Rajajinagar. “It’s a great platform where the next generation gets their fair share of fun and knowledge at once,”she added.

The police personnel were seen actively interacting with children and the residents, providing them with information on lane discipline, and urging them to follow all rules rigorously. “Lane discipline is a key issue in the city, where ambulances are not given way and are found stuck in traffic for hours together, it is essential to send across this message time and again on every possible platform,” said ManjunathKamble, senior traffic inspector.

Two prominent issues faced in the city were taken and discussed on the event. “It’s always good to associate good causes together, that makes the essence of the hour and increases participation rate also,” said Kaveri Kedarnath, one of the organisers.

“Ours is the only resident welfare association in the city to conduct a cycle day so quick in the same year. It’s important because recall other causes through this fun activity, is helpful,” she added.


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