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‘Share a Meal’ arrives in the City

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BENGALURU: To make donations for public causes has become a trend and donors are always hunting to find a worthy cause.

Better still, some want to be active and find out what it’s like to not donate but instead actually sit and share something with someone needy. ‘Share A Meal’ is one such concept which has traveled all the way from the US and has now landed in India. It provides marginalised children with food, but more than that, it provides for community and fellowship which the needy desire.

“What makes the children feel happier is the fact that people who are a class apart from them, sit with them cooking the meal together and sharing the little joys of eating a wholesome meal,” said Pradeep Shankar, one of the founders of the NGO.

This activity of cooking a meal from all the donations received happens weekly twice where nearly 500 children are fed. There are 25 centres in the City, where the raw material for cooking these meals can be dropped off whereas the cooking takes place at the NGO’s headquarters in Banashankari.


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