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Students turn out in large numbers to elect their leaders

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Sonam Rai

CAMPUS: On the day of elections for Student Council, voting commenced peacefully at both the UG and the PG block. In the PG block the voter turnout was a whopping 89%.

Students cast their votes through electronic voting machines and secluded venues in a manner fairly similar to actual political elections.

NCC cadets were assigned the responsibility of maintaining security, managing queues, and preventing mishaps.

For many students from the UG, it was a first time experience in voting.

Speaking to The Beacon about the importance of these elections, Froidy Fernandes from II Botany said, “It’s not about the elections but about the youth spirit we witness around such events. It’s great to participate together.”

“Elections are significant but I don’t know what changes after that. I feel that’s more important than anything,” said Anao Grace from I MSW.

These are the elected members of the student council:

President: Sailesh Singhal

Vice President: Nairika Bharucha

General Secretary: Tejaswini M

Treasurer: Sahil Zaino

Joint Secretary: Chaitra G

Panelists discuss the future of student council elections

CAMPUS: Decibels soared high under the banyan tree as students cheered for their favourite candidates during the election results on Thursday.

Prof. Arul Mani from the English Department, Prof. Priyanca Velath from the Social Science Department and Prof. Kiran Jeevan from the Social Work Department were part of the panel that analysed the results while the counting commenced.

Conducting year-end elections for the Student Council so the first year students could be more familiar with the candidates and the College was one of the proposals from the panel.

“It’s interesting to note that there are no girl candidates contesting for the post of the President,” observed Prof. Arul Mani hoping for a possibility of girl presidents in future.

Sailesh Singhal, contesting for the post of president had a clear lead from the beginning. Chaitra G who had lost by merely five votes last year for the post of Joint Secretary won by 53 votes this time.

She said,”I feel so much more responsible starting this minute. I’m going to work along with the other contestants and we will be a team.”



Prof. Priyanca, Dr Kiran Jeevan and Prof. Arul Mani analyze the election results.             PHOTO – RALPH


Winners of the student council elections celebrate after results. PHOTO – RALPH


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