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Now, EVMs are a regular feature in campus polls

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CAMPUS: The Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) has become part and parcel of the St Joseph’s College (SJC) electoral process and were in the forefront of the Student Council polls last week.

SJC has been using EVMs for its Student’s Council Elections since 2003, and was the first college in Karnataka to introduce college-level elections through EVMs.

Speaking to The Beacon, D Kiran Jeevan, PRO, said, “It is stylish and hassle-free. And at the end of the day, it makes it easy for us to count the votes. But what is more important is that students who have never voted for the government have already tried this machine in college. They already know how the Electronic Voting Machine works. And it becomes easier for them when they start voting for the government.”

“Most of the faculty in our college have earlier done election duties with the government. So they know how to use this machine. Last year, one EVM malfunctioned, but this year all of the machines worked fine.”

SJC hired 41 EVMs from Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) for this year’s student elections conducted last week. One machine was used for the PG and 40 the UG students to cast their votes.

Some of the students were confused about how to use them. Channa Viresh, a student of III PEM and member of the Sports Committee of the college, said that some EVMs had both blue and white buttons (the others had just one colour) and many students thought that the white buttons were not supposed to be used.

“Usually they charge Rs 2000 per day per EVM, but since we are a college, we were charged Rs 28,500  for 41 EVMs, ” added Viresh.

The students were excited about using EVMs for casting their votes. Johann,a student from the Department of Commerce, said, “It’s good that our college is going with time. Also using EVMs can prevent fraud in electoral processes.”



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