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Students’ Union to focus on building a closer campus family, new events

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CAMPUS: The newly elected Students’ Union of SJC met for the first time on Monday to brainstorm ideas for improving communication channels among students and between students and the management.

Bringing about better communication between students and management would help ensure a problem-free campus with effective functioning, the Union felt.
President Sailesh Singhal said that the “achievable promises” made by the members of the union would be looked into first, and the other plans would be implemented later. “Our motive for the first meeting was to interact with each other and to plan the inauguration ceremony,” he said.


Members of the Students’ Union during their first meeting. PHOTO – RALPH

Vice-president Nairika Bharucha said the union has already started to work on building a network of Whatsapp groups to help representatives from all the classes connect with it. Nairika, who was the Cultural Secretary for Sciences last year, said she was inspired to contest for her post this year after being inspired by the work done last year.
“We are trying to raise funds for social issues from all the fests organised in the campus,” said Nairika, III CEB.
Tejaswini Mohan, General Secretary, said “Bringing changes into action rather than preaching or cribbing about something is the pro-active way of getting things done,” she said. She said the aim is to bring St Joseph’s College to a ‘higher level’. “We are definitely one step ahead this year and hope for positive reverts,” she said.
Chaitra G, joint secretary, is happy of making it to the union at her second try. “The support which I got last year even though I couldn’t make it to the council pushed me to contest this time,” she said.
As the only representative from the post graduate block in the union, she is busy meeting individuals across campus to get fresh ideas for new events. She has started scouting for three representatives from each post graduate class as “dedicative volunteers” who will work with the union.
The aim is to bridge the gap between students and the union so that programmes can be well planned, organised and drawn good participation.
She hopes to organise an inter-disciplinary festival with undergraduate students participating while PG students play the key organisers’ role. She also shared plans of organising separate competitions for the PG section in Prathibha, the intra-collegiate arts fest.
Speaking to The Beacon, Sahil Zaino, Treasurer, wanted every Josephite to work together as an extended union. “The more the number of people in a team, more will be the outcome of an event,” he believes. He claimed that he had started working towards building contacts to bring in the best artists and technicians to the college for the smooth functioning of fests.
The Students’ Union also came up with the idea of organising a freshers’ programme jointly for the UG and PG classes. The union has also invited cultural programmes for the investiture ceremony.

– Ralph Alex Arakal


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