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Automobile black box to monitor bad driving behaviour

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BENGALURU: Mahesh Vorkady, a self-taught product designer and a techie by profession, has come up with a product that aims to change bad driving behaviour on city roads.

His company, Talkative Solutions launched a device named Honkey Dorey which is deemed to be an automobile black box. It can be connected to the on-board diagnostic (OBD) port installed in vehicles to monitor driving behaviour through a mobile app synced to the device via Bluetooth.

Vorkady said, “I have a provisional utility patent filed for this idea. After extensive research, I have figured that there is currently no product of this kind anywhere in the world. I am currently putting a proof-of-concept product together. I would like to showcase this to all taxi aggregators, fleet operators, car manufacturers, and everyone related to automobiles in any way, to help reduce bad driving if not completely eliminate it.”

The device can easily find out how many times in a given day drivers used their horn and the extent of noise pollution they cause, in addition to the permissible limit which amounts to noise pollution.

Vorkady said the idea was to set a limit to the number of times one is allowed to honk in a day. Drivers who honk less, can be rewarded through incentives by insurance premiums or taxi fleet operators; those breaching the limit might attract penalties.

The device will also help monitor high beam usage within city limits. Similar incentives and penalties may be levied on users of high beams. The device will use an accelerometer and gyroscope to track if the drivers have used their indicators while turning.

“I am sure everyone on the road has always wanted to do something about these seemingly small issues but unfortunately, with a sudden surge in vehicles on the roads today, the problem has become huge. The aim is to educate drivers to eliminate bad driving practices,” he added.




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