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Farmers demand extension of Maavu Mela

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BENGALURU: The Maavu Mela Farmers Association urged the Karnataka government to extend the duration of the mango fair, Maavu Mela, being held at Lalbagh. The fair is organised every year for a month, however this year, the farmers experienced low sales, and are requesting for an extension.


Variety of mangoes at the Maavu Mela

B.M. Vishwanath Reddy, President of the Association, talked about the difficulties that farmers face in selling their mangoes. He explained that the mangoes do not have the glow and appearance of supermarket mangoes since they are produced naturally and are chemical free. “There has also been a decrease in production of mangoes due to heavy rain and wind this year. Nearly, two tonnes of mangoes have been spoiled due to rain; hence the association is seeking compensation from the government,” he said.

The Association supports small and marginal mango farmers to achieve sustainable livelihood through co-operative practices. They seek to help mango farmers unite locally and complete globally. They also appealed to the government to remove middle-men, who buy mangoes from the farmers at a cheaper price even before they are produced.



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