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KSRTC introduces new breath analyser machine to eliminate drunk driving

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BENGALURU: In order to ensure safety of passengers in the city, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) introduced new breath alcohol analyser machines on Tuesday to eliminate drunk driving by government bus drivers and conductors.

According to the Workplace Alcohol Prevention Programme and Activity (WAPPA) initiated by the KSRTC, there were 67 KSRTC drivers and conductors found under the consumption of alcohol from checks which were conducted between 2013 to June 2016.

Check Conducted Period Total

Check of Employees

No. Drivers & Conductors Found Consuming Alcohol




15728 27


16587 36
2015 – June 16


14337 04


46652 67

The new breath analyser’s are light weight, reliable and accurate than the ones used earlier. The results will be shown on the screen with a print option of the results, while its predecessor offered only a display option.

One key feature is that it has the capability to quickly switch on to measure in just 6 seconds while the older one would take a minimum of 15 seconds. In order to maintain proof of drunk measure reports, it comes with a storage space of 9,999 measured values which can be stored with the date and time.

Speaking to The Beacon, Ms. Latha, KSRTC PRO said, “The new breath analyser’s have been introduced as a pivotal mark by the Government to eliminate drunk drivers and conductors and ensure a smooth & safe journey by its passengers. As Karnataka offers one of the best busses in the country, it is also keen on us keeping the safety of passengers intact.”



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