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Traffic cops want ban on buses in Majestic to end jams

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BENGALURU: The traffic police have put up a proposal to ban both government and private transport buses from operating in and around the chaotic, crowded Majestic area of the City.

According to the recommendation sent to the Transport Department, all state-owned transport buses and those operated by private transport organizations are to be restrained from entering Majestic and its surroundings.


Majestic Bus stop, Bengaluru

Currently, the Majestic area is a major hub for BMTC, KSRTC and buses owned by transport corporations in neighbouring states. People who spill out from the Bangalore Central station depend on this bus hub to reach places within the City and other parts of the state.

The hub is indeed a nightmare for bus operators and commuters and once the buses leave the hub in trains they contribute to massive traffic jams on the roads in and around Majestic. The police feel that if buses are kept from entering such congested areas of the city, their movement can be controlled properly.

Additional Commissioner for Police (traffic and security) R Hitendra said, “We will soon have a meeting with all the stakeholders for a follow-up.”
Manjunath, one of the officers at the control room in Majestic said, “Although the traffic police wants the ban in effect, at present, the buses are still moving as per scheduled.”

Transport Commissioner Rame Gowda said, “We have also suggested alternative locations on Hosur Road, Old Madras Road, Nagavara, Anekal, Bannerghatta Road, Ballari Road and Tumakuru Road where the buses can stop while using shuttles to transport passengers within the city centre.”


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