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Child artist takes sure steps forward in painting

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BENGALURU: A splash of exuberant colours was exhibited by a nine-year old girl, Alayna Zaid, who showcased her first complete collection of paintings titled ‘Imaginarium’ at Sublime Galleria, UB City, on Monday.

Alayna has been painting from the tender age of three years.

“My imagination and wishes inspire me to paint,” exclaimed Zaid. She added that she really wanted a pet that could motivate her to paint animals.


Visitors appreciating Alayana’s paintings. PHOTO – JISA

“It is my favorite hobby,” she said, mentioning that she aspired to become a professional artist in future.

In the collection, she has attempted to create artwork that is vibrant, fun and aesthetically pleasing. “I first started with glass paintings and now I use more of acrylic medium,” said Alayna.

Alayna has been awarded a certificate for art each year by Inventure Academy. “The kid has done a very good work with immense combination of colour that’s makes her paintings outstanding” said Freedy Pinto, a visitor to the show.

Alayna likes to experiment with different shades of colour and mediums in her painting and apart from abstract art she enjoys painting scenery and animals. “She was very much into painting from the age of three and I wish that she continues her hobby passionately and takes it up as profession in future. It will be up to her,” said Mrs. Zaid, mother of Alayna.

Apart from painting, Alayna enjoys dancing, swimming and stitching.

The exhibition will continue till August 2.

Jisa Mathew


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