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NSS ties up with Bhumi to teach poor kids

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CAMPUS: National Service Scheme volunteers from SJC, in collaboration with Bhumi, a non-profit organisation, will soon embark on the mission of teaching underprivileged children in orphanages.

This was the outcome of an awareness session conducted by Bhumi in SJC on Sunday at SJC.

Around 200 NSS volunteers attended the event. Spanning over two sessions on Sunday, the event consisted of an orientation programme and an awareness of the subjects that would be taught by the volunteers of Bhumi.

Speaking to The Beacon, Arham Umri, President, NSS, said, “A major crisis we face in India is poverty. The only means to tackle this is getting the right kind of education and adequate exposure to opportunities. And I feel that collaborating with Bhumi will help our students share knowledge with less privileged children.”

Interested NSS volunteers can register to work with Bhumi in the upcoming weeks. Once selected, the students will undergo a training programme with the volunteers of Bhumi before venturing into the teaching domain.

Bhumi is currently spread over 13 cities including Bengaluru, Chennai and Coimbatore.



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