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Now, catch a Pokemon in SJC using an AR app!

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BENGALURU:  Want to capture a Pokemon in college? Using the new app Pokemon Go on campus can help you do it!

Pokemons are hidden at Pokestops embedded in reality. In SJC, the two Pokestops you can find on campus are the statues of Joseph and Jesus in the undergraduate blocks.

This excitement comes thanks to virtual reality technologies being implemented by gaming companies as the future of entertainment. Niantec and Nintendo have even gone further by moving into augmented reality (AR) with Pokemon GO.

IMG-20160712-WA0007.jpg    IMG-20160712-WA0005.jpg    IMG-20160712-WA0004.jpg

The smartphone app allows you to live the virtual life of a Pokemon trainer where you get to move around and capture pocket monsters just like in the TV show from the 90s.

Pokemon Go makes your smartphone a window to another world,. By using GPS, internet and camera, you can walk around the real world and capture your lovable Pokemon in the virtual world.

Players have to move around wherever they are in order to capture and train their Pokemon. One can imagine that Nintendo has unintentionally created the world’s greatest fitness app, making hardcore gamers run around the city to capture rare Pokemon.

The game works on a checkpoint system where, in order to progress further into the game and re-stock, one would have to enter certain locations to save their progress. Since these locations are  embedded in reality, one would have to physically traverse to a place to reach a checkpoint.

Here’s where it gets interesting though. Most of the checkpoints, or Pokestops as they are fondly called, lead players to religious spaces – churches, temples or mosques. Why?

Keep in mind this app is still in its early stages. Does Nintendo secretly want us to pray whilst hunting for Pokemon? Or pray that we actually find the Pokemon?

Better yet, to level up in the game, one has to challenge gyms to progress. Guess where these gyms are? In police stations and hospitals! And offices!

The app hasn’t yet been officially released in India because of server issues, but should cost around 300 rupees.

Vijay Vishweshwar Rao



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