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Call to double production of fish

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BENGALURU:  ‘’In the state there is an abundance of opportunity for fish farming, but they are not being used efficiently. We should increase the production of fish to double that of what we have now,’’ according to Dr. C Vasudevappa, Vice Chancellor, Shivamogga University of Agriculture and Horticulture.

He was speaking on the occasion of ‘Fish Day’, organised by the Karnataka Fisheries Department at the Fisheries Research and Information Centre on Tuesday.

Dr. C Vasudevappa said there were three lakh hectares of area in the reservoirs and a number of lakes but fish production was falling behind. There remains a lot of work to be done to develop fish breeding. As for the fish markets, they ought to be cleaner, he added.

The government is planning to expand fish markets in Bangalore and are looking for farmers to whom they can transport fish for cultivation as part of a new project. A new fish breed called amur is also being introduced to the market, said Dr.H S Veerappa Gowda , Director of the Fisheries Department.

He said it was important to develop reservoirs for fish cultivation. Depending on natural water resources is not sufficient and if this is so, the fish market may see up and downs. So one needs to look to technology to increase fish production, he said.

It was pointed out that as the soil was losing its fertility, the main food for the next generation ought to be fish. “We have veterinary clinics, but there are no such clinics for fish. While increasing the fish production, we also require diagnosis to identify fish disease. We are hiring fish medicine and fish food from other states but there should be abundant production of fish in this state,” said Dr. C. Renuka Prasad, Vice Chancellor, Bidar University of Veterinary Sciences.

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