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Controversy continues to follow Dr Zakir Naik

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BENGALURU: Several Islamic organisations in the City have come to the defence of Zakir Naik, Islamic scholar and speaker, who is alleged to have inspired youth to have sympathies for the ISIS terror group.

Zakir Naik had made statements that seemed to defend the Islamic terrorists that unleased a horrific attack in Dhaka on July 1.

Mission Possible for Justice and Rights(MPJR) and All India Da’wah Centres Association(AIDCA), two associations working towards social welfare and justice, have come forward to rubbish the allegations made against Naik by the media.

Media reports claimed that one of the Dhaka terrorists had shared Naik’s quote on his Facebook page and have based their entire argument against Naik around that one statement, spokespersons of these associations said.

Ameen Khan, Secretary of MPJR, said, “Dr Zakir Naik has never said anything which goes against the Constitution of India in any of his speeches. Practicing and propagating one’s religion in a peaceful manner is the right of every citizen of this country.”

Arnab Goswami of Times Now had mentioned that  Naik should be banned. MJPR and AIDCA asked how Arnab Goswami can pass such judgements based on his whim.

“AIDCA has always supported Dr Naik in all his endeavours. We know that the media is trying to accuse him for encouraging terrorism amongst the youth. But the truth will come out soon,” said Mr Amen Khan ,MPJR

Both the associations are campaigning against the media trials of Dr Naik and have filed a petition before the Press Council of India to investigate the hidden agenda behind the reports.

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