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Insights on marketing for Commerce students

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CAMPUS:  St. Joseph’s College students were updated on various aspects of marketing in the 21st century at a lecture on Thursday presented by Dr Ajay Abraham, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Seattle University.

The talk covered new trends in marketing, ethical concerns in marketing goods or services, and possible careers in the field.  It was organised for the students of the Department of Commerce.

Ashika Tandon, II B.Com, said, “We learnt of the marketing strategies that various companies employ and the ethical practices as well. I think it’s very important to learn about marketing because it takes away the stage fear, even if we opt for careers like HR later.”

Mr. Cyril, HOD, Commerce, said, “Dr. Ajay Abraham with his vast experience in the arena has published over 100 research articles. Guest lecturers  like him offer insights into the ground realities of the industry which the curriculum does not provide.”

He also said that some students may or may not be interested in Marketing and some are concerned about the negative connotations of the term.  “Dispelling such notions was one of the goals of this lecture,” said Mr. Cyril.

“Many think that marketing is a risky job. I learnt that there are so many fields in marketing. Dr  Abraham’s experience in the field gave us a better understanding of the different areas we can concentrate in Marketing,” said Arul Jenifer, II B. Com.



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