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Tech makes learning English easier

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BENGALURU:  Language experts have suggested that technologies be used to make learning the English language simpler and the process of learning it much livelier.

The Cambridge English Language Assessment on Wednesday conducted a one-day workshop on creative ways to use technology in English classrooms as part of the Cambridge English annual co-coordinators conference 2016 at Pride Hotel on Wednesday.

This programme was held in 11 cities across India for language teachers and trainers of the various Cambridge English preparation centers.

The workshop, titled “The battle of the chalk and the mouse: creative ways to use technology in your English rooms”, offered tips on how to engage with class activities and fun-based teaching.

Vijaya Padma Srinivas, senior assessment service of manager for South Asia of Cambridge English Language Association, told the Beacon that “Technologies have taken over our lives and regardless of whether we are ready for it or not, it has entered the teaching space.”

“The workshop offers a platform to interact with experts and peer groups to learn and share ideas. We now have learner apps, YouTube channels, resources from the Cambridge English India network, etc. Now English can be learnr by anyone and everyone everywhere, ” she added.

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