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CBI probe sought into priest’s murder

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BENGALURU: Members of the Karnataka Christian Association (KCA) want the CBI to investigate the murder of a priest, Fr Thomas, in 2013.

The demand comes in the wake of DySP MK Ganapathi’s suicide and his mentioning former Home Minister KJ George and other officials as the cause for his fatal action.

“Former Home Minister KJ George being a Malayali Christian has been misusing his power to help Bishop Bernand Moras, Archbishop, Bangalore, who is also a Konkani Christian,” said Parvathish P, a KCA leader.

The demand comes from Kannadiga Christians who have been fighting against what they called the “domination and corruption of Malayali and Kokani Christians in the Catholic church” for years now.

“Father K G Thomas was murdered in St Peter’s Seminary on March 31, 2013, and there is still no progress in the investigation,” said Parvathish. The KCA pointed out that earlier, two other priests, Fr I Joseph and Fr Chesera had also lost their lives in mysterious circumstances.  “We had protested then by not cremating the body of Fr Chesera,” he added.

“There are many complaints and allegations about KJ George, and if he was a real Christian he should have resigned from his position by now,” said Parvathish.

Nitin Murali & Ashwin Simon


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