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Don’t commercialise health schemes: Minister

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Claude D’Souza

BENGALURU: During a book release here on Sunday, K. R. Ramesh Kumar, State Health and Family Welfare Minister, warned the Bangalore Stroke Support Group not to commercialize health schemes.

The support group was promoting a stroke survivor’s book titled “Fight Against Stroke” to create awareness about the group and its mission to help more than 30 stroke survivors present at the event.

Health schemes organized by NGOs and other support sectors are generally commercialized when the organizers adapt the corporate mindset. “The mission of health schemes is to protect and improve the health of the public. So don’t work against your conscience and make money from those schemes,” said Ramesh.

“But if you try making money from such schemes, then you’re imposing stress on others and giving them stroke instead of relieving them from it,” he added.

Ramesh also addressed the stroke survivors and said that their presence was an encouragement to all as they had fought and survived their struggles.


Minister Ramesh Kumar during the book launch

The support group, responding to the State Health Minister’s comments, said it wouldn’t become money hungry. Instead, it would work freely towards the betterment of every section of society, including Pourakarmikas, public bus drivers and conductors, traffic police and other public servants in providing support for stroke victims.

Sharad Kumar Tekakote, 48-year-old stroke survivor and the author of the book, said that the book is about being aware of the symptoms of stroke, overcoming adversity by challenging disabilities, finding effective treatment and realistic alternatives, and above all, to remain hopeful.


He has written about his incredible journey from having had a stroke to recovery, which can be an inspiration to anyone who has suffered a negative health diagnosis.


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