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BBMP warns KSCA for messed up roads

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BENGALURU: The BBMP has issued a notice to the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) for the destruction caused by it to adjacent roads.

As the KSCA stadium is under renovation, the entire ground has been dug up and the workers have been messing up the roads by dumpingmud there,in and around the stadium, affecting the daily commuters.

KPN photo

Bomb Squad at work on Cubbon Road near Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore on Monday as part of security alert.

BBMP issued a notice on Monday to the KSCA blaming them for the messy roads. The monsoon season has also made it worse for commuters as well as for the BBMP which is loaded with the mud.

In an attempt to rectify problems of the bad roads in the city, BBMP had re-done the roads around Cubbon Park and spent nearly 4.5 Crores for the development.

“Commuters have found it difficult to travel on those roads and had lodged complaints to the BBMP. In response to those complaints, we cleared the area and intend to impose a fine against KSCA,” said N Manjunath Prasad, BBMP Commissioner.

“I am pleased that BBMP has taken a strict action against KSCA, as I believe that’s the only way people will start taking care of the environment. He also questions why action is taken only when orders are from the above authorities.” said Anish Mathew, a daily commuter.


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