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Scientific systems for wheat storage urged

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BENGALURU: An international seminar to combat issues on excessive destruction of wheat products on Monday urged those involved in storage and transportation of the grain to improve their facilities for sustainability.


The call comes in the wake of most godowns and transport vehicles being unable to use scientific methods for storage of the gain on the ground or while in transit.


The seminar was organised by the Department of Agriculture of Karnataka in association with the Wheat Products Promotion Society (WPPS). More than 300 participants from various countries associated with the wheat& allied industry took part.


The seminar focused on tackling issues like sustained availability of basic food and combating the menace of malnutrition among citizens. The crop must be stored in an efficient manner, the experts suggested.


B.Y Srinivas, Director of Agriculture, said, “Wheat is the most important crop in India and a large number of people depend upon wheat system for their livelihood. Once the storage facilities are improved to protect the crop from extreme weather conditions or from getting decayed, a substantial amount of malnutrition can be reduced in the country.”

“The crop is grown in abundance but we lose money as most of it as it gets spoilt easily, especially during the monsoon season,” said Ramesh, a farmer based in Gadag. “We don’t get much revenue as we are always in a hurry to sell the produce without delaying much,” he added.


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