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Awareness drive on hepatitis

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BENGALURU: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has joined hands with several NGOs and five hospitals in the City to spread awareness and take measures to control the disease. The move comes with World Hepatitis Day just around the corner on July 27.

akkansha hep

“Hepatitis is on a rise from the past few years, and is not talked about much. Awareness on this definitely has to be done actively. People from every age bracket are being affected by the disease, and many few know that precautions to take to avoid it from a very young age,” said Dr Pradeep Krishna, Southern Zone head of IMA.

There are going to be awareness drives, talks and sessions by experts as well as by patients who have outgrown the disease over a week, starting Friday.

Many psychologists and psychiatrists have also associated themselves with the drive, as they feel that the disease has a substantial amount of effect on the mental health of the patients.

“The uniqueness of the drive is that it not just concentrates on the patients but even on the kith and kin of the patients, as the disease has  a ripple effect even on them,” said psychologist Sudha Krishnan.


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