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KG Nagar police arrest drug peddlers

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BENGALURU: Four drug peddlers selling dangerous drugs to students of a City college were trapped by policemen and arrested in Chamarajapet.

The four youths – Santosh Jain (28), Prasanna (27), Saleem Khan (28) and Venkatesh (47) were held while selling drugs near Austin College. The accused had a stock of drugs worth Rs one lakh.


The drug peddlers arrested by KG Nagar police.                           PHOTO- BEACON BUREAU

The stock included Nitrazepam tablets IP, Phensedyl, Corex syrup, and the like, currently categorised as drugs in the State. The arrests were made by cops of the Kempegowda Nagar police station at Chamarajpet.

The accused Santosh Jain and Prasanna were reportedly running a medical shop together near Banashankari. The medical shop helped them to get access to banned tablets and syrups. A case has been registered under Section 22(b) of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

The investigation was undertaken by KG Nagar Inspector G Y Giriraj and four constables under him. N S Megharikh, Police Commissioner of Bangalore, said, “I appreciate the efforts of police personnel in arresting the drug dealers. These drugs were found to be addictive to college students and could have a negative impact on their lifestyle.”

Phensedyl tablets, taken orally, are used to treat insomnia. It has side effects like inducing seizures in the long run, and can become habitual with increased irregular heartbeat. Phensedyl and Corex syrups are treated for cough and running nose, respectively. This syrup is addictive due to the alcohol contents that are equivalent to sedatives, if taken in large amounts.


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